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What is the importance of a strong online presence?

A business’s online presence, regardless of industry, can have a massive impact on its success. 

                                        - Feb 3, 2020


Website design

A constructive website adds legitimacy to your business, provides an instant connection with your customers, and contains a plan for customers to find your products or services. 

          Your tailored website design plan will include:

          A design style that reflects your brand and is user-friendly


                  What do you want your customer to know?

                  How do you want them to feel?

                  What action do you want them to take?

                  What do you need for your site? Photos, forms, shopping cart, etc.

           A secure hosting platform


           Your industry keywords - how will customers search for you?    

           Semi-annual performance reviews

Social media management

A social media presence should not be overlooked.  We will work with you to discuss which platforms are best suited for your business and clientele. 


          Our custom social media strategy can help your business:


           Open up a dialogue with your audience, not just a one-way conversation


           Stay on top of your customer's mind

           Increase your brand awareness


           Increase website traffic


           Establish trust


          With ongoing analysis


          • Targeted advertising

          • Reviews and analytics

Email campaigns


It's important to remind your customers of your products or services. Email is an affordable tool to engage with new and existing customers. It's an effective way to communicate special announcements, sales, and promotions.  Email campaigns are fully customizable and created based on your preferred frequency. 

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